In the scope of the energy flagship region innovative energy technologies from Austrian model solutions are developed and demonstrated. The focus lies on efficient cooperation of generation, consumption, system managment and storage in an overall system, optimized for all market players and with temporarily supply through up to 100% renewable energies.

WIVA P&G is the coordinator of the hydrogen initiative flagship region Austria, one out of three funded flagship regions in the scope of the FTI-Initiative “Vorzeigeregion Energie”. Until 2025 (end of this program), the Austrian climate and energy fund will fund further projects in terms of different calls. The time schedule will be specified.

WIVA P&G monitors the currently running projects inside the flagship region, defines the resulting open research topics (white spots) and collects new project ideas for the next call. The progress of the flagship region is presented to the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund on a yearly hearing, and new project ideas are presented to the FFG-Jury. The jury decides which projects are invited to submit a complete proposal.
Further information to the call “Vorzeigeregion Energie” can be found on the FFG website: HIER.

The start of the third 2-stage call is planned for end 2020/beginn of 2021. Gladly we help answering your questions related to the submission process of the flagship region WIVA P&G. WE are always interested in new project ideas covering our fields of innovation(white spots). These fields of innovation will be updated soon bevor the start of the third call.

Further information to the program and its funding creteria:
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