Who we are

Due to numerous ecoligal and economical reasons (like decarbonization, need of long term storage, alternative solutions for energy transportation) the WIVA P&G flagship region aims to demonstrate the conversion of the Austrian economy into a largely CO2 neutral structure with a significantly necessary transformation into a strongly hydrogen based energy system.

Thus renewable hydrogen builds the key component, and the options for H2 production, storage, chemical conversion into methan and other hydrocarbons, the combustion and reconversion will be analyzed, developed and demonstrated in numerous different fields and processes of application. This allows to explore and display the whole value chain of the flagship region.

Wiva P&G gains its expertise out of more than 30 completed and ongoing projects and plans the realization of at least 25 planned subprojects. An own innovation process allows the integration of further projects.

The specifically founded association WIVA P&G coordinates and realises the flagship region, as nationally and internationally visible structure and represents the structural framework of the  flagship regions thematic focus. This flagship region shows a multidisciplinary innovation structure, demonstrates and tests intelligent system solutions under real operating conditions and provides applicable systems for the user. There is no geographical restriction to Austria.

WIVA P&G shows, that Austria fits perfectly for switching to a system based on green hydrogen, which is a fundamental component for the transformation process of the energy system.

WIVA P&G focuses on the following three segments:

Green Energy

Green Industry

Green Mobility

WIVA P&G  is one out of three national energy flagship regions funded by the Austrian climate and energy fund, based on an international jury decision. More details on the research program “Vorzeigeregion Energie” can be found HERE.