USC- Flex Store project results & video

von | Jul 19, 2023 | News, USCflexstore, Videos



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USC- Flex Store project results & video

Seasonal energy storage in forms of renewable gases will play an important role in future energy systems. As the expansion of renewable electricity production means that production and demand do not coincide sufficiently in terms of time, amplitude and magnitude, the need for different energy storage solutions is given. Besides short-term energy storage, seasonal storage of energy in forms of gas will play an important role. In the context of Power2Gas, Underground Sun Conversion combines renewable methane production with large-scale underground energy storage. The used process of geomethanation describes the conversion of H2 and CO2 to CH4 in underground reservoirs. In order to enable implementation on a commercial scale, some topics need to be further addressed. These concern operating parameters at the technical, microbiological, and systemic level as well as the embedding in the higher-level energy system, the underlying geology, and the associated infrastructure.

In the course of this project the potential and possibilities for Underground Sun Conversion were elaborated and tested. A special focus is set on the flexible operation of an Underground Sun Conversion system, including conceptional considerations, the search for optimal locations in terms of geology and infrastructure as well as the actual operation of geo-methanation in field, accompanied by laboratory-scale research. In the field tests, the safe storage and conversion of H2 and CO2 in an underground reservoir was demonstrated. In addition, an increase in conversion rates was achieved through the use of certain operation modes. This is supported by results from laboratory experiments. Here, the reactions taking place, the microorganisms involved, and the boundary conditions of geo-methanization could be further described. Variations in the operating parameters result in different operation concepts of Underground Sun Conversion. The three most promising ones were developed and considered in detail. Particular emphasis was placed on their flexible interaction with a future energy system. Regarding the embedding of Underground Sun Conversion into the future energy systems, different system scenarios show the potential for Switzerland as well as for Austria. For Switzerland, three potential locations for the implementation of an Underground Sun Conversion facility were identified. On the one hand, these locations fulfill the basic geological requirements, and on the other hand, they are also accessible to the corresponding infrastructure (renewable electricity production, gas network, CO2 source). Additionally, three use cases for Underground Sun Conversion were developed, serving as product and sector coupling service. The results obtained will form the basis for scaling up the technology. With the combination of storage and conversion in the context of Power2Gas, Underground Sun Conversion can make an important contribution to seasonal energy storage and thus to the energy transition.

Main findings:
• Demonstration of safe underground storage of H2 and CO2 and optimization of the geo-methanation process

• Development of different operational concepts and applications of Underground Sun Conversion

• Identification of possible locations for geo-methanation in Switzerland

• Embedding Underground Sun Conversion in future energy system scenario