WIVA P&G – European H2 Valley of the year

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The sixth edition of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership Awards, presented in Brussels on Wednesday, 22 November 2023, celebrates how European research and innovation continue to drive the clean energy revolution further and higher.

Three hydrogen valley projects received this year’s award for their outstanding efforts to develop integrated systems of hydrogen production, supply, storage and use in multiple sectors: WIVA P&G in Austria, Hydrogen Hub Noord-Holland, and Green Hysland on Mallorca, Spain.

Austrian research association WIVA P&G funds the development of hydrogen and biogas-based technologies with projects in green energy, mobility and industry that span sectors and disciplines.
Chairman and director Horst Steinmüller said: “The goal of WIVA P&G is driving the transition to a sustainable energy system with hydrogen as one solution along the whole value chain.”

Rosalinde van der Vlies, who leads the Clean Planet unit in DG RTD, stating that: “Hydrogen valleys are the stepping-stones in the development of a hydrogen economy. The three winners (GreenHysland, Hydrogen Hub Noord-Holland, WIVA P&G) which have been selected as ‘European H2 Valley of the Year’, are great examples of how Europe is a leader in renewable hydrogen. The experience from these award-winning projects will be important to bringing us closer to a sustainable, integrated and interconnected hydrogen ecosystem across Europe.”

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership selected the finalists for the best innovation, with the help of the European Commission’s EU Innovation Radar Platform, and success story awards.  The public then voted for the winners. The Clean Hydrogen Partnership selected the winning outreach and hydrogen valley projects, the latter with the help of the contractor running the Mission Innovation H2 Valleys platform


Horst Steinmüller presents the award at the H2 Convention in Linz (Copyright: Sebastian Philipp)


Clean Hydrogen Partnership Awards in Brussels with WIVA P&G representatives Alexander Trattner (HyCentA), Peter Prenninger (AVL) and Stephan Bauer (RAG Austria AG) (Copyright: Clean Hydrogen Partnership)