H2 meets H2O

H2 meets H2O

Roadmap for the development of a climate-neutral hydrogen supply along the Danube

Project description

For the realization of a climate-neutral mobility sector, hydrogen will have to play play a central role as a fuel. Further hydrogen is also becoming more and more interesting for logistics companies as a transport good. In order to explore the possibilities of a climate-neutral hydrogen supply along the Danube, the project “H2 meets H2O – Roadmap for the development of a climate-neutral hydrogen supply along the Danube” was launched. The aim of this exploratory project is to assess the feasibility and applicability of hydrogen supply along the Danube as logistics backbone from a technical, legal and socio-economic point of view. This will provide the logistical basis for a subsequent R&D project with innovative pilot applications based on a multimodal supply concept involving inland vessels, rail and trucks. Hydrogen is not only to be used as a cargo, but also as an alternative fuel, so that a reduction of emissions and immissions in the area of freight mobility can be achieved.
Unique characteristics of the project are the extensive network of the relevant stakeholders in several workshops, the multisectoral approach, the exploitation of the development potential of ports as hydrogen hubs, as well as the considerations regarding the international rollout of the innovative solutions in the Danube Region.

Project goals

The result of the project is a roadmap for the implementation of hydrogen infrastructure, along with hydrogenbased transport and propulsion technologies in shipping, along the Danube.

Project News

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