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WIVA P&G is an association for funding the research and development in the fields of application, net and storage technologies for hydrogen and renewable gases. The association supports disseminations of these activities as well.

For the further development of the European and the Austrian energy system, an increased integration and implementation of renewable hydrogen and hydrocarbons generated from it, such as methane, is required for a variety of ecological and economic reasons. As a central energy storage region, a hub in energy transport and an important location for renewable energy sources, Austria is ideally suited as an energy showcase region. Within the framework of the WIVA P&G association, an overarching overall concept is being developed that shows how existing and future projects can be networked.

The association coordinates the projects of the flagship region “Wasserstoffinitiative Vorzeigeregion Austria Power & Gas” (WIVA P&G). This allows to explore and display the whole value chain of the flagship region.

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Mio € FFG project volume flagship region

Mio € FFG funding projects flagship region

Mio € KPC project volume flagship region

Mio € KPC funding projects flagship region

Flagship region WIVA P&G


Due to a variety of ecological and economical reasons (like decarbonisation, necessity of long term storage, alternative solutions for energy transportation etc.) the energy flagship region WIVA P&G aims to demonstrate the change of the Austrian economy into a largely CO2-neutral structure.
Scheme flagship region
Thus renewable hydrogen builds the key component, and the options for H2 production, storage, chemical conversion into methan and other hydrocarbons, the combustion and reconversion will be analyzed, developed and demonstrated in numerous different fields and processes of application. This allows to explore and display the whole value chain of the flagship region.

WIVA P&G combines the experience from more than 30 completed and ongoing projects and provides for the implementation of at least 25 planned sub-projects, with a proprietary innovation process enabling the integration of further projects.

The specifically founded association WIVA P&G coordinates and realises the flagship region, as nationally and internationally visible structure and represents the structural framework of the flagship regions thematic focus. This flagship region shows a multidisciplinary innovation structure, demonstrates and tests intelligent system solutions under real operating conditions and provides applicable systems for the user. There is no geographical restriction to Austria.

WIVA P&G shows, that Austria fits perfectly for switching to a system based on green hydrogen, which is a fundamental component for the transformation process of the energy system.

The Austrian climate and energy fund supports the hydrogen flagship region WIVA P&G based on an international jury decision as on of three national energy flagship regions. More details about the funding program “Vorzeigeregion Energie” can be foundhere.

Funding organisation

The Hydrogen Initiative Flagship Region Austria Power & Gas (abr. „WIVA P&G“) is funded by the Austrian climate and energy fund and runs within the scope of the program „Vorzeigeregion Energie“.

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