Development of the world’s first hydrogen-powered narrow-gauge train

Project description

The R&D flagship project “HyTrain” aims to develop the world’s first hydrogen-powered narrow-gauge train with the corresponding hydrogen infrastructure (production, storage and refueling of green hydrogen) for the mobility sector.
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Project goals

  • Production of green hydrogen from local renewable energy sources.
  • Research, development and demonstration of zero emission mobility for train applications.
  • Development of innovative transport and storage concept for the efficient distribution of large hydrogen volumes.


Contribution of partners

  • FENS-FEN Sustain Systems GmbH representing the Green Energy Center Europe
    As coordinator of HyTrain, FENS is responsible for the management of the entire project.
  • ZVB, Zillertaler Verkehrsbetriebe AG
    Mobility operator ZVB will implement a novel backup HRS in Jenbach as a starting point for the project “hydrogen region H2Zillertal”. In addition, the real-life testing of the FCE train will take place on the ZVB track.
  • HyCentA Research GmbH
    The HyCentA (Hydrogen Center Austria) promotes the use of hydrogen as a regenerative energy carrier as well as the development of electrochemical systems and their peripheries. The project HyTrain is supported by HyCentA by its hydrogen test center, the most modern fuel cell system integration test bed in Europe and strong project-based know-how around the topic of hydrogen. It serves as a focal point and information platform for hydrogen-oriented research and development activities.
    It serves as a focal point and information platform for hydrogen-oriented research and development activities.
  • Molinari, Rail Austria GmbH
    In this project, Molinari Rail will assist in the preparation of the functional specification and vehicle safety analysis so that all industry and railway standards are met. Molinari Rail will also contribute to the accompanying economic assessment, business case development and exploitation strategy of the HyTrain project through Molinari’s extensive network.
  • Verein WIVA P&G
    The research association WIVA P&G (Hydrogen Initiative Austria Power & Gas) aims to promote climate-neutral hydrogen and green gases in Austria and is responsible for the coordination and organization of conferences and stakeholder workshops within the model region.

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